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Green Built Certified
Built Green is an approach that is market driven to improve building practices.

The 21st century "buzz words" - green built, sustainable, recycled. . . . we have all come to realize the importance of these aspects in many areas of our lives.  Certainly the construction industry plays a major role in product use, waste generation and long term energy consumption.  Today's builder is challenged with an array of environmental concerns.  We have answered the call, as a "Certified Green Builder" Contour Construction LLC is keenly aware of the issues at hand. By informing yourself with Built Green practices and products you can help to create a positve change in the building industry.  Contour Construction LLC has taken those steps and is here to help you get the information you need to make good green choices for yourself and the environment.  From Improved Air Quality and Energy Effieciency to Durable Low-Maintenance Materials we are here to guide and encourage you in your Built Green home building process.

 - Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead 

 - Certified Green Builder 

 - Certified I.C.F Installer 

I.C.F. Panels

I.C.F. (Insulated Concrete Form) is a method of exterior wall construction that performs like no other.  Contour Construction LLC understands the benefits of this type of construction and is excited to share this product with our clients.  This wall type has an
R-50,  two and a half times the insulating value of a standard wood framed structure.  The Sound Transmission Class rating is outstanding.  This is a "Green Certified" product with all of the possible benefits.  Combine this wall system with a well planned HVAC (Heat, Vacuum, Air, Condition) such as geothermal, radiant or reverse cycle chiller to achieve maximum energy efficiency, not to mention  comfort.   

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